UAB KoLiz was founded in 1991 and today is one of the largest and most experienced suppliers of industrial sewing equipment and other equipment for the sewing industry, household sewing machines, professional ironing equipment, sewing data, spare parts and other accessories in the Baltic States. The company is a member of the Lithuanian Association of Clothing and Textile Companies (LATIA).

2007 The retail and wholesale division of household sewing machines of UAB KoLiz was established in 2006. UAB KoLiz is the official distributor of the Japanese company Janome Sewing Machine CO., LTD, JANOME household sewing machines in the Baltic States. JANOME exports its products to more than 100 countries around the world and is proud to have a factory no. 1 in the world. JANOME factories have the best achievements in the production of sewing machines. The products meet the recognized quality standard ISO 9014. Approximately 280 models are produced, from mini-machines to industrial ones. The beginner and the professional will be satisfied with the JANOME brand machine. JANOME first started manufacturing computer embroidery machines in 1979, and in 1990 started manufacturing computer embroidery machines. Now, together with a factory in Japan, JANOME manufactures the largest number of computerized sewing machines in the world. Many famous European companies, such as ELNA, PFAFF, HUSQVARNA, QUELLE, FAMILY with the PRIVILEGE series, manufacture their own brand of sewing machines in JANOME factories.

UAB KoLiz is a reliable company that can offer private customers a wide range of high-quality household sewing machines, professional ironing equipment and other sewing accessories.

We have all the necessary infrastructure for successful sales and service:

– Specialized exhibition hall;

– Technical service center;

– Qualified staff with extensive work experience;

– Effective organizational and technical support directly from the company’s partners / manufacturers.

UAB “KoLiz” specialists will always provide a detailed consultation on the purchased goods and help you choose the most suitable one. In our exhibition hall you can always try practically all the sewing machines we offer. In addition, when you buy a household sewing machine from us, you will receive one hour of free individual instruction on how to use the sewing machine, one free preventive sewing machine inspection during the warranty period, 20% discount on JANOME accessories.

Our company’s highly qualified technical specialists and technical base ensure reliable and efficient warranty and post-warranty service. We are constantly replenishing our spare parts warehouse and we have almost all the necessary original parts in our warehouse, so repairs are carried out very quickly and with high quality.

UAB KoLiz regularly participates in specialized exhibitions, advertises its products and supports distributors and trade partners of its products.

In addition, UAB KoLiz cooperates with vocational schools and other educational institutions, which help to organize training processes.

The main goal of our work in working with business clients (the company’s mission) is to help sewing companies to be competitive, reduce their costs, increase production productivity and increase their profits. The main advantages of our company’s work with customers are the constantly growing fundamental and specific business knowledge and experience, which allows us to ensure excellent and reliable customer service.

We offer sewing companies a wide selection of standard and specialized machines and various technological devices and devices according to the needs of each customer. Tailoring the equipment to the needs of customers allows to increase the efficiency of equipment use and reduce the length of the shopping period.

At the request of companies, we offer the following additional services:

– Training of customer staff on how to properly operate and service sewing and other equipment;

– Technological consultations;

– Project preparation and implementation.

UAB KoLiz focuses on cooperation with customers who value quality service and trust the experience and knowledge of our company.

Our clients:

In Lithuania: AB Utenos trikotažas, AB Omniteksas, UAB LTP, UAB Devold, UAB Kirpte, UAB Haltex, UAB Theca Furniture and others. ;

In Latvia: AS Rita, SIA Lauma, SIA New Rosme, SIA SRC BRASA, SIA Specter Latvia, etc .;

In Estonia: AS ACLIMA Baltic, OU Nurme Production, AS Otto Bock, AS Ursuit Baltics, OU Gabriel Scientific, etc .;