Dear customer!

In the Republic of Lithuania and EU countries the established warranty period for Janome household sewing machines is 24 months. The warranty period is calculated from the date of the purchase specified in the warranty card of the Janome household sewing machine.

UAB ‘KoLiz‘ confirms the quality of the purchased product and commits to elimate all defects which the manufacturer is to blame (poor quality materials used in the product or assembly defects) as soon as possible and free of charge. 

The warranty applies to all household sewing machines purchased directly from UAB ‘KoLiz’ or its authorized representatives.

Warranty Terms:

  1. The warranty does not cover periodic maintenance, installation and configuration of the product by the customer.
  2. The warranty is valid subject to the following conditions:
  • The warranty card is filled out correctly: it includes the number of the model, serial number, date of sale, and seller’s seal;
  1. UAB ‘KoLiz’ reserves the right to refuse warranty service if the buyer does not have the above documents or they do not meet the requirements specified in paragraph 2.
  2. What is not covered:
  • Mechanical damage;
  • Non-compliance with the terms of use or improper actions of the owner;
  • Incorrect transportation or installation at the place of use;
  • Natural disasters (lighting discharges, fires, floods, etc.), as well as other events that are not dependent on the seller or manufacturer;
  • Deviation of power supply parameters from the requirements of state technical standards;
  • Foreign matter entering the product such as foreign objects, liquids, insects;
  • dismantling, repair or adjustment work performed by an unqualified person who does not have a certificate for the provision of such services; installation, adaptation, modification, use in violation of technical specifications and/or safety requirements during repair, or unauthorized modifications by an unauthorized person if parts or parts of the product were replaced during the warranty period, were not supplied or authorized by the manufacturer, or were defective or inappropriate.

The warranty does not cover light bulbs, filters, electric belts, needles, needle plates, foots, feed dogs, hooks, loopers, needle guards, knifes, motor brushes and other time-limited parts. 

The warranty does not apply to claims on technical data if they do not match the manufacturer’s data. The decisions of the experts of the Authorized Service Center regarding past or subsequent defects are final.

UAB ‘KoLiz’ is not responsible for warranty service if the activities of these service centers are disrupted due to circumstances beyond their control – war, public unrest, blocking borders and communications, traffic restrictions, natural disasters, etc.

Post-warranty repair:

At the end of the warranty period, we recommend that you contact an authorized service center UAB ‘KoLiz’ for maintenance and repairing.